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Inteactive Business Systems provides web based solutions to meet all the operational needs of your organization. With our vast experience across many industries, we can design a truly integrated system that maximizes the efficiency of your staff and provide a competitive advantage over your competition.


By delivering a web-based, fully integrated on-time solution, we minimize interruptions to your staff and clients, and allow you to realize the benefits of our solutions immediately. 


Before any Time and Attendance solutions is started we present our clients a detailed plan of what our goals and objectives are with a detailed timeline to properly manage results and expectations.  We are sensitive to a problem in our industry of projects running late and over budget. 


Our implementation specialists will sit down with your personnel to discuss your Long Term Staffing and PEO Services needs, define the parameters of the project and get an understanding of your work flow and requirements.  By spending time learning and communicating  with our clients, we determine what is necessary to make the project successful.

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